Doing Business in Central and Eastern Europe: At a Glance

University: Univeristy of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia
Fields of Study: Business
Dates: to
Credit: yes
Price: $2850
Housing: Dormitories
Minimum Age: 18

Program Highlights:

The entire summer school schedule is set for the timeframe of 4 consecutive weeks at the campus of the Univeristy of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia involving alltogether 80 contact hours. This donation divides in-betrween 60 contact hours for the academic program – seminars, lectures, soft skills workshops, etc. and 20 contact hours for extracurricular activities interconnected to local businesses and field trips with sightseeing opportunities.

The University:

The City:

Courses & Descriptions:

Lectures (20 hours)
– Slovakia in context of CEE + Economic TRansformaiton Processes in the region (4x45min.)
– European Union general presentation + Economic and Monetary Integration (4x45min.)
– Custumer Profile in CEE – local businesses and housholds (2x45min.)
– Human Resources Management in CEE (4x45min.)
– International trade between Mexico and CEE countries with specific focus on Slovakia (2x45min.)
– Cultural lecture: Folk traditions, dresses, native Slovak food and beverages (2x45min.)
– Culturel lecture: Historical and contemporary situation in Slovakia (2x45min.)

Soft Skill Workshops (20 hours)

– Project Management and Presentation Skills (4x45min.)
– Managing Teams Effectively (4x45min.)
– Problem Solving and Decision Making (4x45min.)
– Time Management (4x45min)
– Effective Communication and Active Listening (4x45min.)

Extracurricular Activities and Field Trips (20 hours)

– Volkswagen car plant excurtion (2x45min.)
– National Bank of Slovakia institutional visit and lecture (2x45min.)
– Wine Route in Western Slovakia (4x45min.)
– Bratislava-Devin Castle visit and boat trip (2x45min.)
– High Tatras filed trip (10x45min.)

Sample Course Listing

UEB: Business Ethics in CEE (4x45min.) - Credits: 3

UEB: Competetivness and Business Opportunities in CEE (4x45min.) - Credits: 3

UEB: Corporate Social Responsibility in CEE (4x45min.) - Credits: 3

UEB: Foreign Direct Investments in the Region with Focus on V4 Economies (4x45min.) - Credits: 3

UEB: Governmental Relations and Communication with Stakeholders + how relevant lobbying is? (4x45min.) - Credits: 3

Transfer Credit:

Financial Aid:

Application Deadline(s):

Late applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Applying for our programs is simple! Fill out the on-line application form and wait for more information from us.

Why Study Here


  • $2850

What's Included


Accommodation in a modern dormitories

Meals at the campus - breakfast and lunch

Health Insurance


On-site Program Director Assistance

Trips and extracurricular activities

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Air Fair

Dinner is not included in the fee