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All of our students are invited to become Travel Log Journalists during their program. The purpose of the position is to document your experiences to share them with future students. This is also great opportunity for you to reflect on your time abroad.

Travel Log Journalist Description

You will be responsible for writing a travel log and submitting photos, which will be published on the Study Abroad Czech Republic website. Your travel log will start one week before your departure, and will end one week after your return. Your travel log should not exceed 2 pages. For summer students, you should write one entry every week. For semester/academic year students, you should write one entry every month. You should also submit at least 6 photos or short videos from your program. Here are some suggestions for your travel logs:

Travel log entry before departure: how you have been preparing for your trip, your expectations, your thoughts and feelings about leaving the US and culture shock in the Czech Republic, anything you are nervous/excited about, etc.

Travel log entries during your program: the orientation session, your first day of the program, impressions of your classes, people you have met, what your housing is like, activities, anything interesting that you have seen, your impressions of the Czech language and Czech people, etc.

Travel log entry after your return to the US: your flight back, your first day back, reverse culture shock, seeing your family, what questions people have asked, what you miss from the Czech Republic, etc.

Your travel journals will be due one month after your program ends. While this position is unpaid, if you fulfill all of the requirements Study Abroad Czech Republic will write you a glowing letter of recommendation and you are welcome to put this experience on your resume.

Sign-up information will be sent in your acceptance packet.

We look forward to seeing your photos, videos, and logs soon!


Sightseeing in Prague, Lennon Wall

Prague Sightseeing at the Lennon Wall

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